Hilon Insulation Product Applications

Hilon Insulation produces heat absorbers and sound absorbers that are different from similar products on the market. Our products are made from Polyester Insulation and have more advantages than others. Some of the advantages of Polyester are that they are easy to install, recyclable and more efficient. Below are applications in various buildings and rooms of the products we provide.

Insulasi Atap dan dinding Peredam Panas dan suara Harga Murah - Hiloninsulation
Factory Insulation

Factories really need heat absorbing products as well as sound absorbers. This is to keep the temperature inside the factory from getting hot from the sun. In addition, the sound produced by the factory can be muffled so that it does not disturb the surrounding environment if it is close to residential areas.

House Insulation

Indonesia is a tropical country which is crossed by the equator so that the temperature during the day can reach 35°C. Therefore, installing heat insulation on the house House Insulation it is highly recommended that the temperature of the house can be cooler than the temperature outside so that it can add to your comfort to live and relax. Besides that, House Insulationis also easy to apply. You can install this product yourself or you can also be assisted by experienced Hilon technicians to install House Insulation.

Sport Hall Insulation

The sports hall can also be installed with heat sinks to make people who exercise comfortable and not overheated. One type of insulation that can be used is roof insulation that can be installed on the roof to reduce the intensity of heat that can penetrate. In addition, you can also use sound dampening products. Soundproofing can be used when there is a sports match with a large number of spectators. This is intended to muffle the sound of the audience so as not to cause noise in the environment. The right sound dampening product that can reduce sound intensity efficiently is a silencer made of Polyester material.

Music Studio Insulation

Music studios really need silencers so that the sound produced does not disturb the surrounding environment. Usually the location of the music studio is in a residential area, so soundproofing is very necessary. In this case the product Sound Insulation that we provide could be the right alternative solution. Our Sound Insulation products can also be used for various other rooms that require sound insulation. The existence of sound absorbers will certainly be very useful for various places that need this insulation.

Those are some of the applications and applications of Hilon Insulation products. Don't hesitate to choose our products because Hilon heat absorbers and silencers are manufactured by certified factories ISO 14000 and ISO 9001.