• Q: What is Polyester Insulation?

    Polyester is the material used in the product. Hilon Insulation is a synthetic fiber made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Materials commonly used for plastic drink bottles, tape, duct tape and so on. We choose polyester material as the raw material for making our various products or what can be called polyester insulation because of the nature and usefulness of this material it is very appropriate to be used as an insulation product that requires high flexibility. This material also has good dryness so it is easy to apply

  • Q: Is Hilon Insulation more expensive than products that use fiber glass?

    Yes. You have to pay more than a product that uses glass fiber (R3.5 polyester versus R3.5 fiberglass) but Hilon Insulation provides much more value, for health this product is non-toxic, non-irritating, safe for the family and environmentally friendly. In terms of durability, we provide a 50 year guarantee for the durability of this product so you don't need to worry about the expiration date of the products we provide.

  • Q: Can Hilon Insulation absorb heat while at the same time muffle sound?

    Yes. The polyester material in Hilon Insulation allows it to have a double function, as a heat sink as well as a sound absorber. In terms of heat insulation, Hilon Insulation uses pure aluminum which is already attached to polyester fiber with a thickness of 20mm, very effective at dissipating heat and to dampen sound in the room Hilon Insulation with a thickness of 50mm can absorb sound well in the product Sound Insulation. Both are easy to install. You can benefit by using the products we provide, because they have various benefits and advantages that you can get at the same time.

  • Q: Why should I choose Hilon Insulation products?

    Hilon Insulation is here after seeing and studying insulation products that have been widely marketed. We conduct research and product testing to create innovative products needed to meet the specifications for environmentally friendly insulation – environmentally friendly, not harmful to health because they do not contain chemicals, do not smell, do not cause itching or irritation. Our concern for the environment has led us to create products from recycled materials that can be recycled again and last for 50 years.

    Our products have been around for more than ten years. All Hilon Insulation products are manufactured by ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified factories with a Quality Assurance system that is always undergoing continuous improvement. We focus on making a real contribution through the products we present to help you without destroying the environment. You can entrust us with the right insulation needs, because we can answer and be the solution to all your questions about insulation products.