HG D-SERIES | Hilon Green Flexible Duct Wrap Thermal Insulation


Product and Application Description

Hilon Green Flexible Duct Wrap is an insulation made from polyester which functions to wrap the ducting installation of Air conditioner (AC) and hot water pipes, so as to prevent condensation from occurring on the cold air flowing through ducting against hot temperatures outside, and protect warm water pipes from cold temperatures outside the pipes. Can be used in air conditioning ducting, warm water pipes in multi-storey buildings, hotels, factories and so on. In addition to the HG D-Series, thermal There is also another insulation from Hilon, namely HG T Series.

Hilon not only produces thermal insulation products to reduce and retain heat but also produces sound insulation. A product used to insulate and dampen sound. Products from Hilon have met ISO qualifications so they are safe to use. Hilon also uses Environmentally friendly insulationstandards where all products produced must be environmentally friendly and safe to use.

Types and Specifications of Thermal Insulation Products

HG D – Series Single Aluminium


Thickness 20mm
Density 25kg/m³
R Value 2,504
K Value 0.077
NRC 0.3
Standard Size 100cm x 1000cm (10m² / pack)
Standard Size 100cm x 1000cm (10m² / pack)







*For orders above 1000 m², please contact us to get special price.

Our other thermal insulation product is the Hilon Green Thermal Series which functions to wrap the installation of AC ducting and hot water pipes. Check the product here.