HG T-SERIES | Hilon Green Thermal Series for House and Factory

1-Hilon-Green-Thermal-Insulation-Rolls-1030x822Explanation of Thermal Insulation Products and Their Applications

Hilon Green Thermal Series is an insulation made from polyester which serves to reduce heat and at the same time can also reduce sound. This insulation is applied to factory roofs, warehouses, houses, sports halls and so on.

This product from Hilon has many advantages. One of them is that this product is included in the category of environmentally friendly products because this product can be recycled again so it will not pollute the environment. Thermal Insulation HG T-Series can be a solution for those of you who have a factory or a residence if you want to get comfort, you can apply this product inside so that the room will stay comfortable and cool. Regarding detailed product information, see below.

Product Types and Specifications

HG T – Series Single Aluminium

Thickness 20mm
Density 25kg/m³
R Value R 2,194
K Value 0.088
NRC 0.15
Standard Size 100cm x 1000cm (10m² / pack)
Standard Size 100cm x 1000cm (10m² / pack)








*For orders above 1000 m², please contact us to get special price.

Our other thermal insulation product is Hilon Green Flexible Duct Wrap which functions to wrap the installation of AC ducting and hot water pipes. Check the product here.