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Sound Insulation Products by Hilon

HG A-Series Sound Insulation

Hilon Insulation has 1 type of sound absorber, namely Hilon Green Acoustic Insulation Panel. Also known as the Hilon Green Acoustic Series, this sound insulation product has gone through the production process in factories that are ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified, so quality is maintained. Not only that, this sound insulation product is made of environmentally friendly materials or commonly called Environmentally Friendly Insulation, safe to use and can be applied in places that require soundproofing products. Because of that Hilon Green Acoustic Insulation Panel is the right product to use. The following is a detailed specification of sound insulation products which can be seen below. Our other product is thermal insulation which can be seen here.

Insulasi Atap dan dinding Peredam Panas dan suara Harga Murah - Hiloninsulation

HG A-Series

HG A-Series Sound Insulation

Hilon Green Acoustic Series is insulation made from polyester which serves to dampen and absorb sound.

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