Our Video – Hilon Insulation

Hiloninsulation as a specialist sound insulation and heat insulation using a material that is safe to use, namely Polyester insulation. This material is a synthetic fiber material made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) where this material is very flexible, light and odorless. Hilon products are environmentally friendly products and can be recycled. Hilon also implements various policies that support the preservation and protection of the surrounding environment by implementing a standard policy for Environmentally friendly insulation where every product made must not endanger health, can be recycled (Recycle insulation) and is environmentally friendly.

Various Hilon products have also been made by factories that have ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 standards. So of course the products produced have high quality. Some of the products produced by Hilon include Thermal Insulation, Wall Insulation, Sound Insulation, Roof Insulationand various other products that can be applied to houses, factories, offices or buildings that require damper insulation. We have experience in the process of supplying and installing the required insulation.

Product Installation Video Made from Recycle & Polyester Insulation

In the following we will attach various videos about product installation from Hilon Insulation. You can see below about how to properly install products made from recycle and polyester insulation for roof insulation products, heat insulation, sound insulation and various other products originating from Hilon. We have people who are experienced and competent in this field of installation so that our products can be used to the fullest. The following video was taken in several places, where they entrusted their insulation products to us and we have sent qualified and experienced personnel to do the installation. Here's an existing video: