Roof Insulation Projects

Our product, Hilon Insulation, has been trusted by several clients to become a supplier of roof heat insulation (roof insulation) of the building or buildings so that operational activities when working can run well without being disturbed by the hot temperature of the outside environment. You can get various benefits from the roof insulation products that we provide.

Advantages of Using Roof Insulation

By using our products in buildings, houses, factories or offices, it can help reduce the intensity of heat that can enter the room, so that the conditions and temperature of the room can still make you feel comfortable. And also our products are made of materials that Environmentally friendly insulation so it is safe to use. We also have experts and experience in the installation process so you can entrust it all to us.

Completed Roof Insulation Project

There are several companies, buildings, factories and houses from various places within the city and outside the city and outside the island that have used heat insulation products. Some examples include for an XXI in Bali, then there is also the use of roof insulation in a Sportorium at one of the well-known universities in Yogyakarta. Here are some of our projects that have used Hilon products on their roofs.