How to install Hilon Insulation

How to install sound insulation and thermal insulation from Hilon which is so easy, and fast, and produces reliable heat and sound absorption, making Hilon insulation different from many insulation products on the market today. Why? Because conductivity in breaking heat is needed, with a thickness of 20 mm, the insulation is able to break up heat and sound properly and effectively.

Project Reference

Our product, Hilon Insulation, has many advantages that are not shared by similar competitors. Some of the advantages of our dampers can be seen in the article “9 reasons to choose hilon insulation as heat and sound insulation”.

Some of the projects we have done both for roofs and walls, including the roof of PT. Ching Luh, sportorium Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, PT. Siba Surya, wall of the generator room at Husada Insani General Hospital and others. More details can be seen disini.

The following is a video that contains references to several projects that have used Hilon Insulation as the best heat and sound absorber.

See also our gallery page which contains photos of some of the projects we have worked on disini.